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About Entrepreneurship Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a country of endless investment potential. The present government has already taken various steps to realize this potential. However, adequate efforts are needed to make this possibility a reality.

The growth rate of Bangladesh is currently over 8% (GDP for the 2018-19 fiscal year was a record-breaking 8.3 percent). It is important to increase investment in the private sector to meet the goals of becoming a middle-income country by 2021 and an industrialized country by 2041. All estimates suggest that in order to achieve the goals, the growth rate has to be in the double digits.

The world as we know it is now massively influenced by entrepreneurs. In the last few decades, Bangladesh itself has experienced a boom in start-up culture. These businesses have not only found success in existing industries, but many businesses have helped create new industries altogether. According to a recent report by the World Bank, youth unemployment rate in Bangladesh reached its peak at 11.64 percent in the year 2018-2019. With over 28 percent of our country’s population between 15 and 29 years of age, there seems to be a significant gap between our yearly economic growth and the rate at which the youth are getting employed. In order to fix this gap, the focus on young entrepreneurs have increased over the last few years. These entrepreneurs are expected to come up with innovative ideas and create job opportunities for millions of others. This notion is not only backed up by the government but is also being pushed by educational institutions and private sectors simultaneously.

The private sector has played an important role in the overall economic development of Bangladesh. The total investment in the country is currently 22.93 percent of GDP. The Seventh Five-Year Plan sets a target for private sector investment of 34 percent of GDP. Private investment has been duly taken into account in implementing the Seventh Five-Year Plan and in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve this goal, the gap between investment goals and reality must be closed.

The boom in entrepreneurship has also been particularly beneficial for women. More and more home-makers and young girls are beginning to see the values of e-commerce. Starting from selling clothes to selling home-cooked meals, the 21st century technologies have opened doors for thousands of women looking for financial independence. While many women who would previously choose to not work in an office are now finding a way to earn a living through online platforms.

Our young generation has the talent, education, and indomitable courage to take risks and become entrepreneurs, but due to the lack of necessary guidance, financial ability and institutional patronage, many of them fail to establish themselves as entrepreneurs despite their keen interest. Therefore, it is necessary to create necessary training and support facilities and conducive environment to develop our young people as successful entrepreneurs.

An effective institutional framework is needed to provide advice and guidance on how to develop traits of an entrepreneur and how an entrepreneur can play a significant role in the country’s economy.

It is to be noted that one of the 10 special initiatives of the Hon’ble Prime Minister is “Investment Development” and a pledge described in the election manifesto of the Government is “Power of Youth, Prosperity of Bangladesh”. To reflect this, “Entrepreneurship Bangladesh Limited” will take the initiatives of the honorable Prime Minister and provide opportunities to the Entrepreneurs of Bangladesh so that they can build their career as an entrepreneur and in the process solve wide array of problems and issues that the country faces.

What seems to separate today’s entrepreneurs from those of the past, seems to be the fearlessness for the unknown, the drive to test new waters. Regardless of the competition, the desire to make an impact with unique ideas and skills makes being an entrepreneur in the 21st century far more rewarding for this highly globalized generation. “Entrepreneurship Bangladesh Limited”, a listed company, will bring in all industry inputs/experiences and offer a package for entrepreneurs consisting of hands-on training, consultancy, necessary services, and post-training support in the form of mentoring and guidance under appropriate resource persons.


We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge ‘what is’ with ‘what can be’.

“Entrepreneurship Bangladesh Limited” will act as a multi-service platform that will offer one-stop solution for the generation of current and future entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurship Bangladesh Limited”, will provide necessary support and guidance to the clients so that they can substantially improve their odds to be successful in their ventures.

Our Mission

Provide a platform for the Entrepreneurs of Bangladesh where they can get necessary support they require, including training in entrepreneurship, relevant business sectors, business consulting, and support for documentation, fundraising, expansion, up scaling and engaging in value added investment services including M&A.

Our Vision

Significantly contribute to transform Bangladesh as a “Tech and Entrepreneurial nation”

Our Values

Integrity, Innovation, Inclusiveness, Effectiveness


We work with ambitious clients/entrepreneurs who want to define the future, not hide from it. “Entrepreneurship Bangladesh Limited” is built on the following five (TECBEE) pillars:

Entrepreneurial/Investment Services
Brand Creation & Brand Management
E-Commerce Platform

1. Training:
1.1 Training in entrepreneurial skills development and sector-based Investments.

Skilled Entrepreneur Training aimed at building local industries for the supply of primary and middle-level inputs/raw materials/components/components of the high-tech multinational/international manufacturing industry.

Entrepreneurship and skills development training based on priority and potential of locations and sectors.

1.2 The following sectors are included among the areas on which we provide training:

Construction material Industry
Automobile Industry
Motorcycle and Parts Industry
Applied Business Studies
Applied Data Science
Information Technology Industry
Computer Networking
Operating Systems
Software Engineering
Security Engineering
Data Science
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Digital Marketing
Digital Media
Blockchain and Digital Currency
Ship Building Industry
Pharmaceutical & API Industry
Agricultural Industry
Food processing Industry
Garments & Textiles
Leather and Leather Goods
Electricity / Power Sector
Plastic Sector
Light Engineering
Tourism / Hospitality Industry
Food/Frozen Food
Renewable Energy
Ceramic Sector
Power Sector
Medical Equipment Sector
Health Care Sector
Agro processing
Real Estate
Fashion & Luxury
Restaurants & Catering Service

2. Entrepreneurial/Investment Services:
2.1 Supply and Linkage Development Services:

To assist in establishing links between / among the vertically/horizontally integrated business entities/ industries – domestic and foreign – with advanced technology, and supply chain of Primary and Intermediates Goods/commodities.

2.2 Legal and Documentation Support Services:

One of the biggest challenges in becoming an entrepreneur is the need for planning and implementing general and legal documentation. We will provide all kinds of assistance to our clients in this regard.

2.3 Fund Raising:

Linkage with Banks, NBFIs, Venture Capitalists, Private Equities, Angel Investors and other financial institutes.

3. Consultancy:

Identification and dissemination of information and service provision in relation to the thrust/priority sectors/areas/activities in which increasing investment.

Facilitation of investment in the country’s thrust/priority sectors for DOMESTIC as well as GLOBAL market.

Preparation of sector-based investment concept papers plans/templates/platform – both digital and actual.

3.1 Documentation Assistance:

Trade License (Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership or a Limited Liability Company)
Bank Account (for example joint account and company account)
Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)
Support with all kinds of Tax and VAT procedures
Business Identification Number (BIN)
Import Registration Certificate (IRC)
Export Registration Certificate (ERC)
Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) services such as:
BIDA IRC & ERC Recommendation
Office Permission
BIDA Registration
VISA Recommendation
Work Permit
Outward Remittance Approval
Foreign Loan Approval, etc.
Different necessary permissions from different government agencies and private
Agencies such as from Department of Environment, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, RAJUK, Ministry of labor and Employment, Ministry of Textile and Jute, Titas, DESCO, and etc. Safety Certificate (for example fire, waste management, etc. The clients will be provided with particular certificates for different sectors.)

RJSC Licensee – The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) is the authority to register Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, Foreign Company, Trade Organization, Society & Partnership Firm in Bangladesh
Business Plan Preparation
Audit compliance (Account, Logistics, Operations, etc.)
Others as needed

3.2. Business Development:

Through the Track and Build Project, our experts will advise entrepreneurs on projects and provide feedback on how to improve it. In addition, help succeed through project monitoring where necessary.

3.3. Digital and technical services:

In the current digital and technological age, business development is not possible without modern product display systems, digital marketing and digital management. To this end, we will provide all kinds of digital services and training support to entrepreneurs by our in-house and enlisted support and service providers.

4. Brand Creation & Brand Management
5. E-Commerce Platform
6. E-Learning
Outcomes of Company Activities:

“Entrepreneurship Bangladesh” will provide an entrepreneur 360 degree services to develop into a successful/skilled entrepreneur.

“Entrepreneurship Bangladesh Limited” will help guide entrepreneurial investment in the chosen areas.

Will help strengthen knowledge-base of the Investors in general and legal documents and provide necessary solution as needed.

“Entrepreneurship Bangladesh Limited” will be involved directly and indirectly to the employment and financial well-being of as many people as is possible and will continue to grow with the growth of the country as a “Tech and Entrepreneurial” nation.

“Entrepreneurship Bangladesh Limited” aims at providing support and services for employment of 10,000 people a year through proper investment.

Contribution towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG-8) and Vision 21 and 41 as set by the Government of Bangladesh.

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We're an agency offering a full creative service.


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We're an agency offering a full creative service.

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